Brass Monstera Earrings


Absolutely stunning brass monstera leave hang from polymer clay tops. These babes measure 6.5 cm in length. 

We only use surgical steel backings, comfort clasps with nickel-free jump rings. Our Hoops are High Quality coated or plated light gold and perfect for sensitive ears.  

Polymer Clay is a wonderful, light and easy to wear medium but it is not unbreakable - Do NOT bend your earrings they will break or become weak - each pair comes with detailed care instructions* so be sure to read up on how to make your beauties last.

With our hand-painted earrings, these have a layer of protective varnish to ensure the details are preserved but understand with continued long term wear these details could fade over time. Also, be sure to follow the care instructions carefully

Please note each pair is hand made and perfectly imperfect - on occasion you may see fingerprints, lumps or bumps, there may be small blemishes or imperfections

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