Fergie Earrings


Sterling Silver + Freshwater Pearls + Vinyl

Add a little fun to your life and some colour to your wardrobe. 

Hanging approximately 4cm below the ear and 4cm in diameter. With two 7 mm pearls, one 12mm pearl and 30 bright vinyl discs on each earring. The vinyl disc colour combinations are chosen at random and this adds to the uniqueness and bespoke features of these fabulous hoops.

Each earring will have similar yet different combinations (similar tones and colour palette) of vinyl discs.

Please Note:

-These delicate pearl earrings should not be worn in any type of water (swimming, showering etc).

-If dropped or stored incorrectly, the accessories may break or become damaged in some way.

-To care for your pearls, simply wipe with a soft cloth to remove excess oils or dirt.

-Please do not use any chemicals or cleaning solutions. Pearls respond naturally to a gentle, chemical-free clean.

-Avoid contact with hairspray, lotions and perfumes as they may damage the pearls.

- Pearls may be worn every day; however, it is advisable not to swim, shower, play sport or sleep whilst wearing.

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