My name is Molly and I'm the founder and owner of Molly May's Boutique. Thanks for stopping by!

Molly May's Boutique all started when my Mum used to tell me that I wasn't allowed to buy anymore earrings or jewellery, so I decided to make my own! Over time I started to sell my handmade earrings and then Molly May's grew into a fashion boutique stocking the latest trends for women at an affordable price. You can now shop our beautiful clothes and accessories online or in our store in Casino, NSW.


We make it easy for rural women to access the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. We stock the latest designs for women of all ages, shapes and sizes - we are all about inclusion!


We love that we can solve the seclusion from city fashion to rural women! We love researching the latest fashion trends and ensuring that our shelves are stocked with beautiful pieces. But most of all, we love connecting with our amazing customers both online and in person. There is no better feeling than a customer coming into the store, trying something on that's out of their comfort zone and falling in love with what they see!

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